Donate now to bring science, action, and self-esteem to Boston youth. image

Donate now to bring science, action, and self-esteem to Boston youth.

Your $100 gift supports teaching, learning, action-skills, and projects in 28 sites.

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$10,000 goal

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We are fundraising to save the planet!

I’m asking for your help because I know YOU care about Greater Boston’s children. At this time, there is a great need for them to gain access to both important science and real opportunities to ACT. They need to see that they can make a difference for their community and the planet.

Greater Boston’s children need chances to be ‘capable.’ They need to be involved as doers. They need to try to help the planet by gaining both science and action skills.

And the true fact is…. our planet needs them more than ever!

With the unpredictable nature of the past year and a half, we often do not know what might happen next.

But what I do know is that your generosity is what will make it possible to make a real difference for a child such as Miguel. In “e” inc.’s new Action First! program, - our new program that involves our students as actors on Day One - Miguel, a 5th-grader at the Umana School, along with hundreds of other students in our current 28 day-and-after-school sites, now learn not only how their Earth ‘works,’ but also, how he and they can be Change-Makers – making a difference for the planet!

Will YOU make a gift today so that Miguel, and his classmates, have the chance to understand key ideas such as climate change and lowering waste, while also learning new skills about taking action.

Let me be clear. Miguel and his classmates know that the planet is in trouble. How could they not, as more information comes at them every single day. But because

science is so often a sidelined or limited topic in city schools, a child such as Miguel can be uncertain about what is happening and what he should do?

As children arrive to our cities from across the world, there is little time given to

involving them in science. This is why “e” inc. plays such a central role in adding learning, action, and a sense of capability to our students’ lives!

Because of the teaching plus activism model that “e” inc. always provides our city’s kids, WITH YOUR SUPPORT we will help thousands of children change the planet!

We need your help so our kids in day and after schools can thrive and act. That is why I’m asking you to help during this incredibly challenging time – with a gift.

Your support today will bring science, action, and important self-esteem to literally hundreds of young people. As they take action, they feel the sense of pride that often eludes our children.

You can help Miguel see that he matters, that he can make a difference, that he can work to help the planet and that he can help his class and his community.

Moreover, now YOU will be taking action to help save our planet.

Your gift will directly help students learn and participate in change.

As you consider your giving for this year-end, I hope that you will support the thousands of children “e” inc. serves in its three main programs:

Day-schools (Kids Green their School), After-schools (Planet Protectors), and six

Teen Teams operating across 2 cities.

Please consider helping inner-city kids feel important and useful, gain knowledge and skills, and see that they can make a difference through Your Gift to “e” inc.

With $100, you can support teaching, learning, action-skills, and projects in 28 sites.

Your generosity will ensure that all students have the chance to make a difference, investigate their earth, create meaningful actions, and gain a sense of purpose as they work with “e” inc. and its programs.

Can Miguel count on your $100 gift today? Can our planet count on you? Can I count on you?

Thanks in advance for your contribution.

With gratitude,

Dr. Ricky S. Stern
Executive Director, “e” inc.

PS. Young people are the future. We need their commitment and their hope. With their help we can create a better w0rld.