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Become a 2024 WSFF Sponsor

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We are excited to invite you to become a sponsor of our upcoming: Wild & Scenic Film Festival
(WSFF). The WSFF is one of the largest national film festivals in North America and our special
1-night Boston showing will be happening in-person on April 27, 2024 at Atlantic Wharf.

“e” inc. hopes to use the festival to increase community understanding of the connection we share
with the planet, as well as, our role as stewards, duty bound to keep it healthy for the next
generations. The Wild & Scenic Film Festival works with environmental groups across the country,
like “e” inc., to do just that. By allowing local conservation/education groups to host the film
festival, the Wild & Scenic Film Festival helps us to extend our reach into our communities, and

bring together a diverse audience, with the ultimate goal of using film to inspire activism.